Uplighting Decor & More


Uplighting creates a mood and ambiance unlike any other decor. Yes, lighting is decor. With the proper use of lighting, you can transform your wedding venue from beautiful to wow! Even adding subtle touches of light can have a dramatic effect. With proper application, lighting makes everything looks better.

Our wireless controlled, battery powered LED fixtures make it easy to apply light where it will be most effective. Don’t settle for, “put a light here and here” because that is where the power is located.

Uplighting Your Way

The goal is to bring your “desired look” to life. Firstly, during a design conversation, we will talk about what that look is. Secondly, we will discuss where and how much color to apply color. In addition, we will talk about how color will affect the final look. Lastly, we will discuss the options for brightness control during your reception. There is even an option color-changing during dancing at your reception. Let’s talk about the possibilities.

Uplighting As Decor

Make your venue pop with color using a technique known as “uplighting.” Working with you, let’s create the perfect lighting design for your reception. Wash the room in color or accent certain features, the choice is yours. Do you want to highlight your sweetheart table or your cake table? Maybe a soft glow for that special memory table. Michael Durham Entertainment has solutions and options to help you make it happen!

Dance Floor Lighting

Used properly, moving beams, scattered splashes of color, all computer controlled can take your reception dance party or after party to the next level. Let’s talk about possible designs for your wedding celebration.

Are you considering lighting for your reception?

Let's talk about options.

“We chose to also do the uplighting with our package, which helped set the tone for our venue.”

~Erika & Aaron