Monograms & Multimedia


Do you need monograms, projectors, screens, or LED plasma TVs? Michael Durham Entertainment offers several options. But which option is best for you?

There are many factors to consider. For example, the ambient lighting at your reception venue. Indoor or outdoor locations will also be a factor.

Take a minute to contact Michael Durham Entertainment. After a brief conversation, Michael will provide you with the best solution to your monogram or multimedia needs.

Monograms And Options

Simply put, monogram projection is your name in lights!  Add a bit of elegance or create a focal point by using a monogram. Michael Durham Entertainment offers several options for monogram projection.

Do you want to run a slideshow?  Michael offers several options. Call now to find out more.

Everything from LED plasma TVs to screens and projectors. Michael Durham Entertainment has the best solution for your needs.

Custom Design And Solutions

Yes, custom designed monograms are available!  Didn’t see a predesigned monogram you liked? Michael will custom design one for you. An additional fee may apply depending on the design complexity.

Most couples choose a predesigned monogram. Since they can be customized as well. Customizable options include; font style, size, and color, Background color or image are also customizable.

There is even a motion monogram option available. (see a few examples below). Motion monograms can be customized as well. Motion monograms get that “WOW” reaction. Contact Michael to discuss your reception monogram needs