Master Of Ceremonies


Master Of Ceremonies, noun: the official host of a formal event or wedding, responsible for speaking to and entertaining guests, providing introductions and maintaining flow of events. Michael does this well!

A Master of Ceremonies is the glue that keeps everything together at a wedding celebration. It takes passion, training, and talent to perform the duties of a Master of Ceremonies well. Who will you trust with this responsibility? What certifications do they hold?

Some Things To Consider

Many “Wedding DJs” also offer to MC/Emcee your wedding, but are they really a Master Of Ceremonies? Because they have a microphone, doesn’t mean they are a Master.

Any DJ/MC you’re considering for your wedding day should be knowledgeable in all aspects of weddings and receptions. Ask about their training. Listen to them talk. Are they well spoken and confident while speaking with you? Would you be comfortable handing them a live microphone at your wedding? Can you see this person representing you in front of your family and friends

Firstly, a professional will be engaging and fun throughout the event. Secondly, he/she will be able to handle the (in the moment) changes, without (the change) being noticed. In addition, a Master Of Ceremonies will be able to do this, all while keeping things on time.

Every wedding guest has heard basic announcements. Do you really want basic announcements at your wedding reception?

Fun, engaging, professional, detail oriented, all great qualities to look for when considering who to give that live microphone too.

Worried about the flow during your reception?

I'd love to help!

“Michael added many special touches during the reception, in a classy but fun way, to make our day exceptional and unique. If you’re looking for an MC and want to ensure you wedding day is a success, Michael is who you need.”

~Mariel & Eddie