Slide The moment he proposed... You began thinking of this day... Photo of s happy bride and groom enjoying thier fisrt dance during thier wedding reception this moment... Finale group photo to end the reception. Knoxville Wedding DJ Michael Durham delivers the results couple's want! this celebration. Photo fo entire wedding party after the ceremony The fun memories from your wedding day Photo of a bride & groom's first kiss during their wedding ceremony will be the stories told at your family gatherings for years to come. Bride & groom doing first surf instead of a first dance the most epic wedding photo ever Trust a proven Knoxville Wedding DJ to help make it EPIC! The moment he proposed... You began thinking of this day... this moment... this celebration. The fun memories from your wedding day will be the stories told at your family gatherings for years to come. Trust a proven Knoxville Wedding DJ to help make it EPIC!

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Photo collage of results from Knoxville Wedding DJ Michael Durham Entertainment showing lot's of fun and dancing during the reception

A Little About My

Wedding DJ Philosophy

As a Knoxville Wedding DJ I hear it from engaged couples all the time, “we want our wedding to be fun,” or “we want everyone to dance and have a good time.” (Spoiler Alert: Full dance floors are what I do best!) Every couple deserves a fun wedding celebration and music for dancing can certainly enhance the celebration. However, not just any music. Only the right music, played at the right time, and at the right volume, will get you the desired results. Lot’s of dancing! While dancing is a great form of entertainment, there are other opportunities for fun that often get overlooked. For example, things like unique personal touches, creative small surprises, and purposeful special moments, will also enhance the fun. The possibilities are endless. Knoxville Wedding DJ Michael Durham Entertainment. Your Wedding, My Passion.

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“The music was perfect, the announcements kept everything on track, and there was never a dull moment”

~Amanda & Walt

The Results


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“Every person we’ve seen since the wedding tells us how much fun they had at our wedding.”

~Veronica & Chase

The Process



There’s no magic wand or secret formula, but there might be some homework involved. And yes, there is a process. It begins with and is centered around collaboration. This is where the possibilities are uncovered. Things like, what you want your celebration to be like? Or, how does it feel? What about how it will sound? Or how it will look? What do you want your guests to experience? You’ll do most of the talking, I’ll be listening.


Now the creative process begins. This is where we figure out how to connect everyone to your celebration and immerse them in your story. Will we create the opportunity for impactful special moments? What role will music play? Can lighting be used to enhance your celebration or set the mood for certain moments? You’ll begin to see the big picture.


Here we take all the information and design a plan to make it all happen! The plan must include every detail. As well as flow properly to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, it should move your guests from moment to moment throughout the evening. All while creating the right feel, and connecting everyone to you and your story. After all, at the end of the day, when the cake has been eaten and the sparklers are out, your story remains.


The story of your wedding day will be talked about during the holidays, and at family gatherings for years to come. Don’t trust something this important to just any DJ. Only a professional Master of Ceremonies can properly deliver a celebration this important. Working through the process, together, we will create the perfect celebration for you. Knoxville Wedding DJ Michael Durham would be honored to help.

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“From our very first conversation, it was clear that to Michael, DJing is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.”

~Courtney & Alex

Knoxville Wedding DJ Benefits


A One-Of-A-Kind Celebration – fun and romantic, designed to WOW guests!
Reception Style – is yours completely, 100%, no exceptions!
A Fresh Approach – to wedding ceremony & reception TRADITIONS!
Reception Planning – focused on entertainment and FUN results!
Peace Of Mind – from working with a FULL-TIME Professional Wedding DJ.


Lots Of Dancing – a FUN KNOXVILLE WEDDING DJ playing great music for dancing!
A Professional Master Of Ceremonies – to keep things FLOWING and FUN!
Reception Activity Coordination – you won’t have to worry about anything!
Professional Sound & Lighting – DESIGNED for your celebration.
Photo Booths & Multimedia Too – Everything ENTERTAINMENT!

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“Of all the stress that is involved in planning a wedding, Michael was the one thing I never had to worry about.”

~Claudia & Patrick

The Investment


Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. You’ll invest countless hours and resources to plan and prepare for the big day. However, without the right Knoxville Wedding DJ, all that effort and resource will be wasted. Both The Knot and Wedding Wire have published articles that state, “the entertainment at a wedding accounts for 80% of the success of the reception.

Most couples don’t know what to expect from a professional Wedding DJ. So consequently, this makes hiring the right Knoxville Wedding DJ challenging. Many begin their search and choose based on price alone. Don’t simply hope your wedding will be a success. Take the time to meet with Knoxville Wedding DJ Michael Durham, your guests will be glad you did.

I love being a Wedding DJ. Furthermore, I’ve been honored to work with every couple pictured throughout this site and many more. However, not one couple hired me based on price, they hired me for the results I deliver. So how much does it cost? Like everything with Michael Durham Entertainment, it begins with a conversation.

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